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Choteau Trading Post

Category:  Cooperative Start Ups

The Choteau Trading Post has something for everyone! Whether you're needing a new pair of cowboy boots, workwear, jeans or giftware. ...

Fresh Start: Geraldine Grocery Co-op Development

Category:  Cooperative Start Ups

The Geraldine Grocery Co-op Development Steering Committee has been working on bringing the small community together to establish the Fresh Start Grocery Cooperative.  ...

Neihart Store Cooperative Development

Category:  Cooperative Start Ups

The Neihart Co-op Development Steering Committee is considering plans to form a cooperative that would buy the Neihart Inconvenience Store from current owners, Royal and Nancy Westerveldt. They like the idea since they no longer have the time necessary to run the business.  The Westerveldts first opened the store in...

North Country Development Cooperative (North 40 Bar & Cafe)

Category:  Cooperative Start Ups

The North 40 Bar & Cafe serves as the hotspot for sleigh rides and food in December in conjunction with the local 4-H club's Christmas party.   We host a Birthday Club the 3rd Friday of every month serving a free prime rib dinner for one with a birthday in the month as long...

Riverside Crossing Adult Cottage Cooperative

Category:  Success Stories, Cooperative Start Ups