Anne Boothe

Anne Boothe

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About Me

Anne Boothe is a lifelong Montanan, born, raised and still a resident in Malta, a HiLine town with a current population of just less than 2000 residents.  Her career has been devoted to rural community and economic development with nearly 20 years as the Executive Director of a local economic development organization in Phillips County and 8+ years in her current position as Economic Development Specialist for Triangle Communications.   Telecommuting from a home office, Anne travels Triangle’s 16 county region regularly and shares her wealth of experience, resources and industry connections with individuals, groups and local governments.

Anne serves on many local boards and committees and is a long-time board member for the Montana Economic Developers Association.  She lives, works and understands “rural.”

410 Central Ave, Suite #429
Great Falls, Montana 59401

PO Box 3027
Great Falls, Montana 59403