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Montana Cooperative Development Center is a 501(c3) organization and is working across all 56 counties in Montana. MCDC utilizes the cooperative business model to address community and business needs in a unique way that allows for the community and individuals to lead the development of a cooperative.  

MCDC works in all sectors of the economy and is working closely with statewide partners to find solutions on many of the key issues facing many of our Montana Communities including (but not limited to) workforce development, housing, infrastructure, childcare, and rural investing. Here at MCDC we stand ready to continue to build cooperatives that addresses your communities need while also promoting, strengthening, and supporting the already strong and vibrant Cooperative Community.

 Please join us in our efforts to continue the strong traditions of Montana Cooperatives in one of two ways: 


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Are you a cooperative that would like to partake more in education outreach and supporting of other cooperatives?  The 5 on 5 program supports MCDC’s efforts to expand our educational programs to the next generation of cooperative members.   You can be part of spreading the word about cooperatives impact and importance in Montana.  Pledge today 5% of your 5% educational reserve fund!

Cooperatives, Corporations, Mainstreet Businesses, Organizations, Associations, and Individuals all can assist MCDC in our economic development work across Montana.   Join us by committing to an annual or one-time donation today!  

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