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Building Indigenous Community Resiliency through Cooperatives: A Webinar

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Join Montana Cooperative Development Center, as we host a discussion with Pamela Standing, Executive Director at Minnesota Indigenous Business Alliance and Sheldon Noel, about how the cooperative model is working within indigenous communities. Learning from examples, Sheldon and Pamela have created resources including the “Beginning the Cooperative Journey Together: A guide to Indigenous Community Cooperative Development”.

MCDC will host this discussion to introduce the opportunity of cooperatives to our indigenous communities in Montana and to our partners across the State. We here at MCDC believe that the power of cooperatives can be used to address many needs including food systems and distributions, meat processing, local investment and main street development, employee-owned succession planning, childcare and housing.

The webinar will be interactive with questions, discussions, comments highly encouraged by participates.

Cooperatives across the State are making changes everyday in their community. MCDC serves as the only statewide economic development organization that guides communities, business, and individuals through the process of starting a cooperative.


Jun 08 2021


Mountain Time
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm




  • Pamela Standing
    Executive Director at Minnesota Indigenous Business Alliance

    In 2018, Pamela wrote and published the first-ever Tribal Guide to Community Cooperative Development. In 2019, through her partnership and contract status with Cooperative Development Services (CDS) she was able to participate in CooperationWorks’ co-op development training series. It was through her participation in this program that supported her exploration into how Indigenous language, Cultural Lifeways and values related to trade, business and community development align with cooperative principles and values. She brings a new lens to expand the use of cooperative approaches in Indigenous communities throughout the U.S., a greatly under-developed and overlooked space in the cooperative world. Working with Cooperative Development Services (CDS) as a contractor under a USDA grant, she was able to interview approximately 50 Indigenous-led cooperatives in the U.S. and a few in Canada to create case studies. CDS provided the editors and in 2020 she was able to write and publish the first-ever Guide to Indigenous Community Cooperative Development.

    Standing holds a BA in Education and MBA in International Business. She is a citizen of Cherokee Nation.

  • Sheldon Noel

    Sheldon Noel is Dakota and resides in Minneapolis Minnesota, the traditional homelands of his people. He is an educator, first language speaker and contributor to Minnesota Indigenous Alliance.

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