Consulting services

*Fiscal Year 2020-2021 | Fees are subject to change.*

  • Free to MCOC members
  • $65/hour non-member


All Boards go through stages of growth.  We at MCDC and MCOC will do one on one calls with General Managers/ CEO’s and Leadership teams to provide assistance, resources, and general advice as needed. 


  •  $300/MCOC Member
  •  $400/non-member
  •  Plus, travel expenses
  • Prep time to design the training around the specific needs of the Cooperative
  • A 2-hour session for Board and Key Staff,
  • A 2 to 3-page narrative outlining the activity/results of the session. 

  • $65/hour for MCOC member
  •  $80/hour for non-member for prep, sessions, and writeup.
  •  Plus travel expenses
  • 1-hour session with leadership team to determine goals of strategic planning,  
  • Two 6-hour sessions for Board and Key Staff members, and
  • Up to 15-page summary of strategic plan with a full Action Plan Matrix built with goals, assignment and timeline.

  • Free for MCOC members
  •  Free for MCDC clients (startups)
  •  $65 for nonmembers

MCDC can be an active technical assistance partner in feasibility and business planning.  Our free service includes a review and participation in the Request for Proposals/Qualifications, review of draft plans for content and accuracy on cooperatives and providing assistance on coordinating next steps/matrix to move into cooperative development.

  • $65/hour for MCOC members
  •  $65/hour for MCDC clients (startup)
  •  $80/hour for non-members/clients
  •  Plus, travel expenses

If MCDC is hired to coordinate and/or write Feasibility studies or business plans for the cooperatives and start up cooperatives there will be fees associated.


We can work with other consultants/expertise on subject manner and often will focus only on the component that will compare the cooperative business model to other business structures.

Free for MCDC clients

Coordinating and assisting in the development of steering committee, initial brainstorming meetings, templates and review of by-laws and articles of incorporation, assistance in filing in the State of Montana.

  • $65/hour for MCOC members
  •  $80/hour for non-member

We recognize that many cooperatives need additional assistance from time to time.  We can provide a range of services from agenda development, facilitation, by-law review and revisions, articles of incorporation review and revisions, membership benefits, etc. 

  • Free to MCOC members
  • Free to MCDC clients  in start up phases
  •  $65/hour for non-members

Our team is well versed in grant development and can provide your cooperative research for potential alternative funding.  You must provide us with the project outline or need that funding is being sought for.  We will provide a listing of grant/alternative funding that your cooperative could potentially be eligible for.  The list will include contact information, buzz words, and an outline of program.

  • $65/hour/MCOC members
  • $80/hour/non-members
  •  MCDC clients for start up services are covered through RD funding

Provide grant writing services for foundation and government funding.  Within this service is also assistance with business loan applications cooperatives and will coordinate efforts with or in adjacent to your local economic development office.

  • Free for MCOC members
  •  Free for MCDC clients (start up cooperatives)
  •  $60/hour for non-members

Many cooperatives have ideas but need help in making those ideas become reality.  Our role will be to work with your leadership team to develop the goals and objectives then create a defined pathway to begin a project. 

3 to 5% of funds received and allotted in the funding awards


Our team provides administration services that include grant/alternative financing management, procurement of professionals (engineering/architects), communication and public relation services, timeline management, file development and tracking, coordination of other professional services including (not limited to) engineering/architectural, legal, auditing, etc.  

Up to 3% of funds received

Startup capital is often needed for cooperatives to form.  MCDC can be the 501 c 3 pass through agents for donations and grants to be received to support expenses to start the cooperative, including feasibility studies and business planning.


  • All of our costs are all-inclusive.  We do not charge for printing, postage, etc.               
  • Application fees or other purchases made directly for the client are their responsibility. 
  • All trainings will include a plus travel at GSA per diem per each employee and mileage, and hotel is reimbursed by receipt. 

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